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Data Analysis Services

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    Data Analysis Services

    Unraveling, analyzing, and visualizing accumulated data. We support the establishment of a system that enables decision-making based on data. Let us handle your data analysis.

    Data Analysis Services

    Advances in deep learning and machine learning technology have made it possible to automate many of the tasks that humans have been tasked with. These technologies are sometimes called AI, but in essence, it is task automation. After organizing the technological trends in related fields, we will propose what automation will lead to more efficient operations or whether it will be possible to add new value to existing products.

    How we solve your problems

    We simplify the process of solving your problem and offer the best solution to your needs.

    Confirmation of Issues

    Through meetings, we will make aware of the basic business information and issues.

    Confirmation of Data

    We will use the data visualization tool to perform a basic analysis of the data you already have.

    Site Observation

    Through site observations, we will examine the hypotheses obtained from the basic analysis and get hints for defining solution requirements.

    Solution Definition

    Create indicators for the observation targets and define the required solution so that actions can be taken based on data and information from the findings.

    Preparation for In-House Analysis

    It is also possible to collaborate with an in-house representative to create a part of the solution.

    Deployment and Operation of the Solution

    After reviews and examinations, the solution is deployed.

    Case Study

    We analyzed the relationship between the material and the stress of the cutting edge when machining with the MC device.


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