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Human Resources

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    Human Resources

    Find the best talent in data science for your company, or do you wish to become a data expert?

    Human Resources

    What Soleil Data Dojo’s human resource support services can offer

    We at Soleil Data Dojo support both companies and individuals to achieve their needs. We also offer recruitment services for companies and job change support for individuals.

    Soleil Data Dojo Recruitment Service

    At Soleil Data Dojo, we want to help companies find the best talents that would boost the companies’ productivity and compete in the market through data analysis of consumers, products, and the likes.

    The amount of data that can be utilized through IoT is massive, and we are entering an era in which the use of new digital technologies is required. Therefore, to maintain competitiveness, it is necessary not only to rely on existing IT systems, but also to have human resources who can utilize data and digital technologies within the company (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, DX Report, 2018).

    However, the following problems are inherent.

    Difficulty in measuring skills

    It is difficult to know exactly how much skill the recruited person will actually have.

    Ambiguous job definition

    Even if one wants to utilize AI human resources, the company to use is not known.

    High cost

    It is expensive to utilize human resources in data science.

    A representative from eftax Co., Ltd., the operating company of Soleil Data Dojo, will provide consultation on "hiring data scientists and data engineers".

    Ready to strengthen your team?

      The Benefits of Career Change Support Service at Soleil Data Dojo
      Implementation of skill check

      Implementation of skill check

      We will check your ability using the e-learning system.

      Provision of skill improvement courses based on the results

      Provision of skill improvement courses based on the results

      This is a program unique to Soleil Data Dojo, which has abundant educational content.

      How it works


      We will provide counseling based on your wishes and demands.

      Skill Check

      Perform a skill check using the e-learning system.

      Skill Up

      Take the skill up courses based on your results.

      Get a Job Offer

      Job matching and getting a job offer.


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