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Interview vol.2 Maho Sasaki

The Experience of Shaping It is Significant

Internship Student Maho Sasaki
(Graduate School of Energy Sciences, Kyoto University)

──How did you get involved in the eftax internship program?

I became interested in projection mapping through an introductory event for projection mapping software called “TouchDesigner” held at my university, and I have been working on productions related to projection mapping.

A member of Soleil Data Dojo, who came to the university as a mentor, took notice of me and invited me for an internship. He had a development project using projection mapping technology from a company.

I wasn’t looking for an internship, but I was interested in projection mapping, so I decided to give it a try, and here I am.

──Can you talk about some of the projects you are currently working on?

I am working on research and development of new Fusuma sliding door products utilizing the projection mapping technology of Tanimoto Fusuma Koshoku Co.

In a project to develop a new product in which the pattern of the Fusuma sliding door moves with the movement of the Fusuma, I am developing IoT devices and researching, developing and producing Android software applications.

More information about the project is available on the corporate website of eftax, the operator of Soleil Data Dojo.

──What was the most difficult part of your internship?

This system is controlled via an Android app. However, I had never done Android application development before. Stabilizing the Bluetooth connection was particularly difficult. Finally, the eftax representative advised me to try the sensor used in the production environment instead of the test product, and I tried it, and it worked. Through trial and error and consultation with eftax personnel, we are working toward commercialization.

──What do you feel is the best thing about being an intern?

I had a longing to run machines, and programming was like a hobby for me. If it was just me, I would end up being self-satisfied. However, this time, I was able to gain the experience of incorporating President Tanimoto’s requests and working with the members of Soleil Day Dojo to create a proper product, which was a great experience for me.

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