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1-day Study Session for Introduction to Agricultural IoT for Beginners

The study session covers everything from sensor assembly, environment setup, programming and visualisation of IoT data in five hours in the afternoon. Participants will deepen their understanding of the IoT while actually using it with their own hands. The IoT environment and kit created can be enjoyed at home after the event, allowing participants to bring home the experience.


  • The goal of this study session is to visualize the data acquired by the temperature/humidity sensor on Ambient, a cloud service, after receiving explanations about the ESP32 development board, Ambient, etc. used in the study session.
  • Practical IoT equipment (ESP32) and environment (VScode, PlatformIO) that can be easily utilized after the study session are included in the equipment set & study session program.
  • As a level, if you have used something like Word or Excel, you will enjoy this study session.


As the market size of the IT market continues to expand, a wide range of skills are needed to take advantage of new technologies. On the other hand, a problem that has arisen in recent years is the shortage of human resources with the necessary skills. In this study session, participants will experience using a small microcontroller called ESP32 to acquire/visualize data measured by sensors. We believe that the experience of operating the microcontroller with your own hands in this course will be a great first step in learning IoT.

Recommended for

  • Want to experience what IoT is
  • Don’t know what to start
  • No time to research and prepare the necessary equipment and environment to get started
  • Interested in the IT industry
  • Can bring a PC

Place of the event

eftax Osaka office
Dojima Fukagawa Building 3F, 2-5-3 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka Prefecture, 530-0047, Japan
(5 minutes walk from Yodoyabashi station / 9 minutes walk from Kitahama station)


Saturday, June 25, 2022, 13:00~18:00

*Depending on the number of participants, language support staff may attend a study session held in Japanese, or an English session may be held on a different day.


  1. Brief Description
  2. Description of Work
  3. Component Description
  4. Coding environment settings
  5. Coding sample code
  6. Setting up Ambient
  7. Visualization in Ambient

Participation cost

With equipment set:¥8,000
Without equipment set: ¥5,000

*For those who apply for the equipment set, we will provide parts to be used in the lecture.
*The format of the event will depend on the number of English speakers who wish to attend, and we will contact you shortly regarding payment of fees.

Equipment Set Contents

partsRequired quantitysample imagenote
ESP32-DevKitC-32E ESP32-WROOM-32E Development Board (4MB)1ESP32-DevKitC-32E ESP32-WROOM-32E開発ボード(4MB)To purchase from Akizuki Denshi Tsusho, please purchase the product with mail order code M-15673.
DHT11 Temperature Sensor Module1DHT11 Temperature Sensor ModuleUse 3-pin sensor module.
Jumper wire 10-15cm female-female3ジャンパーワイヤー 10-15cm メス-メスEquivalents OK.

*Please bring one cable to connect your PC’s USB port and micro USB to connect the ESP32 development board to your PC.

PC-side USB portpartssample imagenote
TypeA (mainly WinPC)USB TypeA-microBUSB TypeA-microBEquivalents OK.
TypeC (mainly for Mac)USB TypeC-microBUSB TypeC-microBEquivalents OK.

Applications are also accepted on the event information site connpass (in Japanese).

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