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    It has become questionable that the learning period is limited to around the first 20 years of a personโ€™s life and that one has to continue working using what they learned during that period. Therefore, in order to acquire skills in response to changes in the environment, so-called recurrent education, which is relearned after employment, is attracting attention. The field of data science is no exception.

    However, it may be difficult for many people to study at university or attend study sessions while working. That is why the Soleil Data Dojo exists. Soleil Data Dojo offers online content where you can learn about AI and data science at any time and place.

    YouTube channel

    Soleil Data Dojo's official YouTube channel.


    Learn anywhere

    Providing lecture content and teaching materials with an e-learning system.

    Fit your level

    Learning according to each person's skills and needs is possible.

    Always reliable

    The teaching assistants help answer questions from the students using slack and video chat.

    We hold seminars and study sessions on AI, data science, and IoT. * This year, the events are mainly held online.
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