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IoT Installation Support Services

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    IoT Installation Support Services

    One-stop service for planning, development, operation, and in-house production

    IoT Installation Support Services

    When embarking on the introduction of IoT, rather than suddenly making a large investment, the first step is to make use of relatively inexpensive IoT devices and services such as RaspberryPi and SORACOM, conduct a small-scale demonstration test and verify its feasibility.

    How we solve your problems

    We simplify the process of solving your problem and provide optimal solutions that meet your needs.

    Before Introduction

    Identifying issues and clarifying the purpose of the introduction, then planning and designing the IoT system.


    Installation and test operation on site, review of results, and start of the actual operation on site.


    After the installation is completed, we will train the IoT staff of your company.

    Case Study

    To reduce the burden of quality inspection of the processed stainless steel surface, we introduced a system that records images using a RaspberryPi, an interface board, and a 4K camera and special lighting.


    We have developed a linear encoder using a magnetic sensor and a program that can send the value to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

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